PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership Advisory Board

PHOENIX values the voice of the independent pharmacies and therefore involves the members of the PHOENIX Pharmacy Cooperation Programs in shaping their future and the development of PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership.

The PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership Advisory Board has the objective of working together to face the challenges the future of the independent pharmacy market in Europe may bring. The board provides advice about the direction of the future development of PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership and discusses how PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership can support its members in the daily business to be more successful.

Advisory Board Members

Maroje Bubalo

  • Croatia
  • 'I joined the Advisory Board because pharmacy is my life calling, and I want to make an impact on my future.'



Aija Stucka

  • Latvia
  • aptieka1
  • 'I am happy to share my experiences and to be part of this motivated team in order to develop together new and improved strategies in pharmaceutical care.'



Lubomira Zafirova

  • Bulgaria
  • BETTY 
  • 'It is a pleasure and a great responsibility to be part of the Advisory Board and to help shape the future of the independent pharmacies across Europe.'



Klara Babenjac

  • Serbia
  • 'To serve for my Betty community and to bring the best version of PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership program to the West Balkans would be the greatest pleasure for me.'



Ute Vock

  • Germany
  • 'I have joined the PHOENIX Advisory Board because of my belief in the power of international exchange of ideas and experience and the possibility of creating a gain on benefits by working closely together.'

Katarína Gatialová

  • Slovakia
  • 'Experiences, information and visions exchange on international level can help us shape the future of pharmacy services.'




Darina Svobodová

  • Czech Republic
  • PharmaPoint
  • 'I want to meet colleagues from other countries and other Pharmacy Cooperation Programs.'



Jean Haudy

  • France
  • PharmaVie 
  • 'I believe that a commitment to serving a community is an enriching act for all parties. I sincerely hope to bring my experience to this Advisory Board.'



Dr. Katalin Inczeffyné Ivicsics

  • Hungary
  • Szimpatika
  • 'I enjoy the work with colleagues, find solutions, thinking together about new ideas and how to realize them.'

Dr. Martin Hochstöger

  • Austria
  • topas
  • 'Being a part of the strong and powerful network, PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership, by staying independent and individual is the right step into a prosperous future for our pharmacies and so for our patients.'



Dr. Sara Zucca

  • Italy
  • Valore Salute
  • 'Together with the members of the Board, I will discuss the critical changes the pharmacies in Europe are facing, in order to develop a new and modern profile of the Pharmacy and the pharmacist.'

Gareth Rowe

  • United Kingdom
  • Numark
  • 'I believe sharing information and learning from other's experiences is a route to success. As part of the Advisory Board I hope to do both and look forward to working with PHOENIX.'