Access to opportunities

As a pharmacy owner you are responsible for taking care of the health of your patients and supplying them with drugs and health products. Alongside, your core role as a pharmacist, you also have to manage a range of business areas including: product and pricing policy, marketing and communication, sourcing and stocking and recruitment. At the same time, you need to innovate to differentiate versus your competitors. The need to ease your workload is clear - the step towards entering into a pharmacy partnership with one of our organisations is a necessity.

As a European network of our local brands, the PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership is the number one in Europe with more than 12,300 independent pharmacy members in 16 countries with 13 local brands. It offers its members access to a portfolio of business opportunities that can be found nowhere else in Europe and a pathway to success.



The benefits for you

Within your local PHOENIX Pharmacy Cooperation Program you are a member of the PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Support with the day-to-day running of your business
  • More time for your patients
  • Improved sales
  • Marketing support and know how
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better profitability due to better purchasing terms
  • A brand you can rely on
  • Differentiation from the competition

Where we are

  • The PHOENIX Pharmacy Partnership is Europe‚Äôs leading network of partner pharmacies.
  • More than 12,300 independent pharmacies across Europe are currently members of one of our pharmacy cooperation programs. They benefit from strong brand recognition and are thus able to increase customer loyalty.
  • Business tools for everyday operations help our members to increase their service level and business success.
  • A wide range of services are available to our members, grouped around marketing tools for front and back office support.